And a small child shall lead them

August 10, 2018

Nine-year-old Senna Alarid’s moving letter (“Remember the joyful feelings of libraries,” Aug. 1) regarding the value in her life of books and libraries moved this 84-year-old grandfather to join her in underscoring the vital role of access to both, and indeed to the print media in all its forms, today more than ever.

Under the relentless, seemingly all-consuming growth of the electronic media, publishers, book dealers, libraries — indeed all purveyors of the written word — are under siege. We can all help fight back.

Read more, watch less, encourage others to join in the preservation of our written heritage.

As for La Farge Branch Library, it is a fine little library, staffed by ever-helpful professional staff, and it has suffered a serious blow with the flood. My check is in the mail.

Jack Allen

Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library

Santa Fe

Missing children

I was shocked and disgusted by our immigration policy in which children were literally kidnapped from their parents by our customs agents and border-patrol officers.

Also, my rage was inflamed when a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service admitted there is a possibility that many of these children may never be reunited with their parents because they have already been deported and it is almost impossible to locate them.

When my head cleared, it occurred to me that few unscrupulous government bureaucrats could take advantage of this situation and arrange illegal adoptions, or even exploitation, for a profit.

Since these children are already traumatized by bring separated from their mothers and fathers, it would not be difficult to convince them that their parents abandoned them. Or worse, that they are dead.

To avoid this possibility, it is essential to keep account of their whereabouts, not only on paper, but in actuality.

G. Gideon Rojas, MNL

Santa Fe

Sex ed for all

Faith-based sex education has no place in public schools (“Española schools turn to faith-based nonprofit for sex ed,” Aug. 6). Public school students have the right and need to learn about all aspects of sex, including all choices when birth control fails.

Just as no one should be forced to choose an option that does not fit their needs, no one should be denied information about all available choices.

A Catholic nonprofit organization will not inform students about Plan B or abortion or how to decide whether a sexual relationship is right for both parties.

Catholics favor abstinence, which is known to be an ineffective focus of sexual education.

If students want to engage in a sexual relationships they should have all the information they need to make necessary choices — before, during, and after sex. Accidents happen. Condoms break. Periods are unreliable.

These issues need to be talked about openly, with no pressure to conform to anyone’s faith.

I urge public school administrators not to allow any faith-based organization to teach sex education in the public schools. Separation of church and state is a good and necessary educational policy.

Nancy King, Ph.D.

Santa Fe

School vs. cages

LeBron James keeps kids in school; Donald Trump keeps kids in cages. Enough said.

N. Pyne

Santa Fe

Apply here?

I think you should have printed the word “advertisement” over the opinion piece on Roman Catholic schools — and his school in particular — by Dirk B. Steffens (“Catholic education open to all,” My View, Aug. 5). He describes himself as the new principal of Santo Niño Regional Catholic School and evidently aimed at publicizing the school.

Good for him. The only things missing were the school’s website address, its phone number and an application.

I have only one big quarrel with Steffens. He says the Catholic school is “an oasis in this hostile world, an oasis of faith, truth, morality, community and joy.” Oasis?

Come on, sir. I hope your students are taught to engage in the world, not shun it.

My quarrel is really with The New Mexican. You should not mix together blatant advertisement and My View contributions.

Walter Friedenberg

Santa Fe

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