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Winner of $5.9 Million Still Drives Garbage Truck

April 1, 1993

SIDNEY, Maine (AP) _ Albert Knights may be the only multimillionaire who drives a garbage truck.

Margaret Knights tried to talk her husband into quitting his $140-a-week job after they won $5.9 million in November. They hit the jackpot in the Tri- State Megabucks lottery for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

She said she told her 62-year-old husband that they should retire.

″He told me, ’Margaret, if you make me give it up it’ll kill me,″ she said. ″I told him, ’Honey, if it means that much to you, then you keep doing it.″

That’s not to say things haven’t changed for the Knights.

Mrs. Knights decided to stop doing housework for others, at wages of $30 to $40 a week.

They also decided it’s time to move from their trailer, and are building a $300,000 dream home, complete with a swimming pool.

Mrs. Knights, who used to stay up nights scrubing her children’s clothes on a washboard, is sporting a fancy diamond ring, a new gold watch and new glasses. And she is hoping the doctors whose services she can now afford will be able to cure the blindness in her left eye.

The couple kept their promise to donate part of their winnings to their church to help the poor, and they have set up trust funds for their children.

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