Hershey Facing Backlash

December 23, 2018

Hershey’s Kisses, with that trademark teardrop shape, are a staple of holiday baking, but many bakers are complaining that the candies’ little pointed tips are missing this year.

“Do this year’s kisses look like this for you? Or are the tops broken off?” read a post on The Wedding Cookie Table Facebook group on December 9 -- and the complaint went viral.

So many people posted about the busted Kisses -- particularly the ones sold recently with holiday packaging -- that Hershey’s has officially responded. Jeff Beckman, the candy maker’s director of corporate communications, provided a written statement to the Lebanon Daily News, which is located in Hershey’s home of Pennsylvania.

“We are looking at the issue now. We understand that bakers’ expectations are high for an iconic brand that is more than 100 years old because they are proud of their desserts,” Beckman’s note stated, adding a thank you to the 10,000 bakers in that Facebook group.

“Our Hershey’s Kisses brand team reached out directly to the Wedding Cookie Table Community over the weekend to donate a number of our iconic baking items as a thank you for their love of the Hershey’s brand and our Kisses and to heart warm their holidays.”

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