David Dennison Also A Coward

September 23, 2018

Editor: Donald Trump has, once again, taught the American people a basic lesson on integrity. On Sept. 5, The New York Times published a scathing op-ed piece which purports to provide an unprecedented look at the behind-the-scenes goings-on in the West Wing. The piece, which is supposedly written by a high-ranking White House official, who chooses to remain anonymous, presents a picture of a dangerously mentally unstable president. In fact, the anonymous writer suggests that very early in the Trump presidency, members of his own cabinet actually talked about removing Trump as president, utilizing the 25th Amendment. Trump’s reaction came as no surprise. He immediately denounced the author as a gutless, disgraceful liar. Anyone who respects the truth should have zero tolerance or respect for someone who is too cowardly to sign their own name to a document of this magnitude. Immediately, the name David Dennison, comes to mind. Talk about a gutless coward. In case memory fails, that was the person who signed the Stormy Daniels non-disclosure agreements. David Dennison is the alias of the disgraceful person who tried to hide his affair with a porn star immediately after his wife had given birth to their first son. And so, once again, Donald Trump is right. If you have to hide behind a fake name or sign yourself as anonymous, you clearly are a disgraceful, gutless, coward. Andrea Glod WILKES-BARRE

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