Lawyer vows to sue reporters in defense of Covington Catholic High School students

January 23, 2019

A Nevada attorney vowed to sue journalists who do not retract and apologize for their false statements about the Kentucky Catholic high school students who made headlines after a standoff with a Native American man at the March for Life.

Robert Barnes told Fox News he’s giving reporters 48 hours to correct any misinformation they have spread about the students, and he’ll begin filing libel lawsuits next week against those who don’t comply.

He said he’s doing it pro bono, and told The Washington Times some Covington students have retained his services.

“Somebody needed to stop this from reoccurring and happening to other kids across the country,” Mr. Barnes told Fox. “Those lawsuits will start to occur next week.”

The encounter between the students and a Native American military veteran at the Lincoln Memorial was caught on video and went viral over the weekend, with news outlets portraying the students as rude and racist to a veteran.

More footage emerged, though, contradicting that narrative, showing the students appeared to be provoked by another group of adults, and then the Native American man walked into the students’ midst.

The students are not seen yelling any racist comments at the man in the video, and the Native American man’s military service has also come into question, with reports suggesting he did not serve in Vietnam.

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