NEW YORK (AP) _ The Reds will meet with Cincinnati officials Monday to determine if riots in the city will force the team to alter its schedule next week.

The Reds, who are on a 10-game road trip, don't play at home again until Tuesday against Milwaukee.

They are schedule to play night games against the Brewers on Tuesday and Wednesday, but those game times could be changed if a curfew in the city remains in effect.

``We're monitoring the situation very closely and on Monday we'll meet with the appropriate authorities and then we'll make a decision on the games,'' John Allen, the team's chief operating officer, said in a statement earlier this week. ``The Reds are going to cooperate 100 percent with the city.''

A curfew was imposed Thursday after rioting was sparked by the shooting of 19-year-old Timothy Thomas _ the fourth black man killed by Cincinnati police since November.