McVay Must Wait

February 3, 2019

By Carmine Frongillo

The head coaching matchup in this year’s Super Bowl is one for the ages.

New England’s resident coaching genius, Bill Belichick, is 66 years young. And on this Super Sunday, Belichick gets to match wits with the NFL’s current coaching flavor of the month, the Los Angeles Rams’ 33-year-old boy wonder, Sean McVay.

This Super Bowl will be Belichick’s 42nd career playoff game as a head coach, including two games with the Cleveland Browns, and his ninth Super Bowl game with the Patriots. Belichick’s playoff record is 30-11 with five Super Bowl championships and counting.

McVay is eight years younger than Tom Brady and has four less career wins (26) during the regular season and playoffs combined than Belichick has postseason victories.

By all accounts, McVay is the real deal. But on this Super Sunday, McVay will be involved in a 100-yard game of chess against the gridiron’s checkmate king.

McVay’s future is bright but it just isn’t now as Belichick claims his sixth Lombardi Trophy.

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