Is school referendum helping education?

September 26, 2018

Editor, Daily Times:

This is in regards to our school referendum of $17 million in Waterloo.

Am I the only one that thinks $1 million is a lot of money, let alone $17 million? My taxes are up $150 on top of all the other taxes, for the next 30 years.

How much is 700 students into $17 million? How much is 70 graduating students into $17 million? For those of you that put yes on the ballot, you should be obligated to build your house here to increase our tax base or are you one of those that want a free ride and let the rest of us pay for your share?

It’s nice to see all these students on the honor rolls, in our city band and graduating from college, some even with honors and all without a shiny new gym or fitness center. It’s thanks to our teachers.

With all the wealthy people voting for this, how come we have so many people on free or reduced meals?

Our city budget is looking for money always, the utility rates are always going up and street work scheduled is going to be expensive, let along all the others that are in great need of repair. To think a fourth super-gym will help our students with future meaningful employment.

Sussek Machine Company would like our shop courses more up-to-date, how far has that gotten? We are not too far away from being involved with Foxconn Technology and they are after tech people.

The bottom line, from what I’ve read of the referendums, is none of it is for education. The school has the same few kids as before.

We need dedicated, impartial people on these boards.

Herb Lenius


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