BERLIN (AP) _ People planning to protest a ban on certain breeds of dogs will be showing ``revolting bad taste,'' if they have their pets parade through Berlin wearing yellow stars of David, the head of Germany's Jewish community said Tuesday.

Organizers of the planned mid-May demonstration had said they would have their pit bulls and other attack dogs wear the emblem _ which the Nazis forced the Jews to wear as identification on their clothes _ because they claim a proposed city ban on such breeds amounts to racism.

But Paul Spiegel, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, and some politicians criticized the tactic.

The use of the stars would be in ``revolting bad taste that would insult and disparage all victims of the Holocaust,'' Spiegel said.

``We will see if it is possible to take legal steps against this,'' Spiegel told Bild newspaper in an interview to be published Wednesday.

The Greens party in the Berlin city council also called on owners of the fighting dogs to distance themselves from the yellow star plan.

``For such a gaffe there is no excuse, no justification and no explanation,'' said legislator Claudia Haemmerling.

There has recently been a series of attacks by fighting dogs across Germany, prompting public outrage and calls by authorities for a ban on the breeds.