Actors from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ start comedy tour in Havasu

March 19, 2019

Tim Colceri has lived a life full of variety. Born in Phoenix, he served in the Marines, spent time as an airline attendant, and even acted in Hollywood classics like “Full Metal Jacket.” Now, Colceri is bringing his experiences to the stage in a one-man comedy show, titled The Get Some! Tour. The focus of the show will not just be the trials and tribulations of military life, but the experiences a soldier has after returning to the civilian world.

The director of the show, Kevyn Major Howard — who also had an acting role in “Full Metal Jacket” — said the tour was making its public debut in Lake Havasu City because of the city’s reputation for being one of the most patriotic cities in the country. “We want to dedicate this show to the veterans of Lake Havasu to give back to them, because they have given so much to make a difference in all of our lives,” Howard stated. Colceri and Howard are working with fellow veterans Steve Elliot and Tom Titchen to organize the show.

Three performances are to be held at the London Bridge Convention Center on March 22 through 24. The Friday and Saturday shows will be at 7 p.m., while the Sunday show will be a 2 p.m. matinee. Tickets are $25, and proceeds from the show will go towards supporting veteran-focused charities, they said.