AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — The U.N. refugee agency says the daily number of Syrian refugees entering Jordan has fallen dramatically compared to earlier in the year, when the figure stood in the thousands.

UNHCR senior regional spokesman Peter Kessler says some 25 to 50 Syrians cross into Jordan per day nowadays, as fighting in Syria's southern border towns has eased.

The border area has already been heavily evacuated, with many sent to Jordan's Zaatari camp, the world's second largest refugee camp with about 112,000 residents, he said.

More than 2 million Syrians have fled the country's two-and-a-half year conflict. Jordan hosts more than 554,000 refugees.

Kessler said Tuesday that Syria's neighbors are also "monitoring" their borders and regulating arrivals. Host nations complain they are bearing a heavy burden as international funding is not forthcoming.