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U.S. Jets Bomb Iraq Targets

February 11, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ U.S. fighter jets fired on several Iraqi military installations today while patrolling the northern “no-fly” zone over Iraq, American officials said.

All the confrontations occurred in the vicinity of Mosul, according to the U.S. European Command. No U.S. personnel were injured and no planes were damaged.

The strikes occurred shortly after noon, Iraqi time. The first came after an Air Force F-15E observed Iraqi anti-aircraft artillery fire and was targeted by an Iraqi radar system, U.S. officials said. In response, the plane dropped four precision-guided bombs on a surface-to-air-missile communications site.

Two F-15Es launched a missile and dropped four bombs on an Iraqi SAM system.

An hour later, U.S. pilots retaliated in three separate incidents, with F-15Es bombing a SAM site and a communications site, and an Air Force F-16CJ launching a high-speed anti-radiation missile at an Iraqi radar site.

On Wednesday, U.S. and British planes fired on three Iraqi missile sites after Iraqi warplanes violated the southern “no-fly” zone.

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