Cedar Point announces Forbidden Frontier attraction for 2019

September 8, 2018

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, announced it will be adding a new attraction in 2019.

Much like Kennywood did with its reveal of the upcoming Steel Curtain roller coaster, Cedar Point on Tuesday took to social media to announce its new attraction for 2019.

The difference is we know a bit more about Cedar Point’s addition than we first did with Kennywood’s.

The Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park announced it will shut down the animatronic Dinosaurs Alive! area as of Sept. 3. In its place will be the Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, scheduled to open in summer 2019.

Whether it will involve a roller coaster, a water ride, or something else has yet to be revealed.

However, Cedar Point did offer this description of what sounds an awful lot like an escape room experience:

“Grab your map and prepare for a minute-by-minute real-life adventure, where you and others are challenged, questioned and pushed to the limits in both brain and brute power. Be immersed in interactive encounters with the island inhabitants, push yourself with physically active challenges that test your resourcefulness and fortitude! It’s your job to discover and uncover all that you can; to solve the mystery surrounding the Forbidden Frontier, and return to tell the tale. Every ending is different and determined by you and the secrets you unlock!”

The website says “secrets of the Forbidden Frontier will be revealed as we unlock the adventure map, so come back to this page for updates and new surprises.”

Earlier this month, Cedar Point announced it would also be closing down Witches Wheel, with its final day also set for Sept. 3.

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