Student threatened to ‘shoot up’ Weston school

May 3, 2019

A threat made by a student to “shoot up” Weston Middle School was investigated by police and school officials.

In a letter to parents, Weston Middle School principal Daniel Doak said a number of students knew about these threatening statements for several days and perhaps, as long as three weeks.

“Fortunately, one student turned to a trusted adult to report these comments and that adult passed the information on to the middle school administration. We immediately called the Weston Police Department.

“Through our investigation, we quickly determined the nature of the comments and the time frame. We interviewed several students who had knowledge of the threatening comments. When we asked these students why they hadn’t reported them to an adult (parent, teacher, counselor administrator), the consistent response was ‘we knew it was just a joke.’’

In meeting with all three grades in the school, Doak told them “we must never assume that a threatening comment is a joke,” adding “even if it is meant as a joke, is a very serious violation of our code of conduct with school and legal consequences.”

Doak said some students mentioned a specific date for a shooting to take place (June 13) and several students referenced “a list” of targeted individuals.

“For the record, we have no evidence of a physical list. No student claims to have seen a list of names. Many students gave very different versions of who might be on ‘the list.’ If we had knowledge of a list of that type, we would immediately notify all affected individuals.”

Doak said students were not a risk and the situation is under control.

Police determined the student accused of making threats did not have direct access to firearms.

Doak said school officials and police “would not allow us to open the school if we believed that our students, staff and visitors were not safe.”