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Here Are Lindsey’s Two Kinds of Grabs

February 18, 2006

BARDONECCHIA, Italy (AP) _ There’s a safe way to grab a snowboard in the air and a fancy way, and the differences are subtle.

Lindsey Jacobellis often uses two specific types of grabs before landing jumps in order remain stable and compact in the air, helping her maintain speed and land with more control:

_ ``Indy,″ in which she gets in a tuck and grabs the front-side edge between her feet.

_ ``Truck driver,″ which entails grabbing both edges near the front foot.

The crash that cost Jacobellis a gold medal came after she struck a flashy pose known as a ``backside method grab.″ It’s a move in which a boarder grabs the backside edge and swings the board out sideways.

The degree of risk is a matter of opinion and usually depends on the stakes.

Other boardercross riders have been known to pull such a move in races, most notably Thursday’s gold medalist in the men’s event, American Seth Wescott.

U.S. snowboarding coach Peter Foley said he was not concerned when he saw Jacobellis go for a backside grab. It was not until he saw a series of Associated Press photos that showed her board flared way out to the side that he agreed she appeared to be ``styling″ unnecessarily.

Jacobellis initially said the grab was like any other she used to stabilize herself. She said the wind was giving her trouble, and added that she carried a lot of speed into it because she didn’t know where the other riders were.

Later, she admitted knowing that she was far ahead, had gotten caught up in the moment and was playing to the crowd a little.

``I’ve seen people do it before,″ she said. ``I’ve done it before.″

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