Answer Man: High marks sure, but Answer Man Mountain remains

November 11, 2018

Editor’s note: This classic Answer Man first ran Nov. 10, 2010.

Good morning, Sir Know-it-All! I work in downtown Rochester and walk home from work quite often. I live in Northern Heights. Could you please tell me the rise in elevation from Broadway at Silver Lake Foods to the top of Northern Heights? — Mark H.

Silver Lake’s elevation is 978 feet above sea level, according to my topo map, and the very top of the Northern Heights area is in the 1,200-foot range. Not Himalayan, but about a 225-foot climb.

Some other elevations you might be interested in: Pill Hill and Assisi Heights are close to 1,100 feet; the Foxcroft neighborhood tops out about 1,200 feet; the radio tower on Country Club Road Southwest, which I can see from my front porch, is just more than 1,200 feet; and the broadcast tower on U.S. 52 north of 55th Street is on a lofty hill at about 1,100 feet.

I’ll just remind you that in this column in 2004, I declared the highest point in Olmsted County to be a lonesome spot along Olmsted County Road 3, about a mile north of the junction with County Road 108, which I called Answer Man Mountain. My son and I went out there and planted a small stake, with the sign, “ANSWER MAN MOUNTAIN, HIGHEST POINT IN OLMSTED COUNTY, 1,380 FEET — PROVE ME WRONG.”

No one has. I wonder if the sign is still out there? If you go looking for it, bring an oxygen mask.

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