Gail and Mel Williams: Why we come to Lake Havasu City

February 7, 2019

Editor: In response to Ed Schweizer’s letter in the Feb. 2 News Herald. “Why do they come here?” We are two of the Queens Minions (as you labeled Canadian snowbirds in your letter) and according to you we, along with the American snowbirds, are the bane of your winter existence in Lake Havasu City. Why do we come here? We relocated here this year after wintering in Phoenix and we are so happy to be away from major traffic congestion, long lines and wait times and limited parking. (All things you say we create during our time here) Other than some ongoing construction we have not experienced any of those frustrations. We pay house taxes, utilities, shop for groceries and eat out and we are glad to be here contributing to the economy. Yes, Mr. Schweizer, the snowbirds you seem to despise bring a lot of money into this city every winter. According to some well informed locals, some businesses you take for granted during the summer months manage to survive the year because of the money we spend while here. When people travel, one bad experience or comment can leave them with a negative impression of an otherwise beautiful place. Fortunately, your one negative comment is far outweighed by the positive and friendly response we have received from the people. both locals and snowbirds, who call this beautiful oasis in the desert home, if even for a short time every year.

Gail and Mel Williams

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

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