ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) _ The U.S. Naval Academy allowed its star quarterback to graduate after he was found guilty of having sex with a freshman woman, while his partner and two others she had sex with were dealt with more harshly, a newspaper reported today.

Felicia Harris, a freshman, said she had sex with senior quarterback Chris McCoy, a violation of the rule forbidding dating between upperclassmen and freshmen, The (Baltimore) Sun reported.

Ms. Harris, 19, of Mitchellville was expelled pending a review. Sophomore Kevin McGlathery and junior Aaron Smith, two other men she was charged with having sex with, also were recommended for expulsion.

In addition to the recommended expulsion, Smith, 22, of Silver Spring, owes the Navy $67,000, the amount taxpayers spent on his training. Freshmen and sophomores who leave the academy are not required to reimburse the Navy.

McGlathery, 21, of Chicago, quit rather than face expulsion.

The three have asked Navy Secretary John Dalton to review their cases and determine whether McCoy was given preferential treatment. Expulsions require a final approval from Dalton.

``If only I could have scored a few more points, maybe I'd still be there,'' said Smith, who played varsity basketball.

McCoy, who also could have faced expulsion, instead was placed on probation, revoked of some of his privileges and made to do marching tours as punishment, the newspaper said.

He was allowed to graduate last month and now is on temporary duty at the academy before heading off to Surface Warfare Officers' School. He's seeking to have his five-year obligation to the Navy cut to two so he can play professional football, the paper said.

McCoy, who set a school-record 43 career touchdowns and led Navy to its first victory over Army in five years, declined to discuss the handing of his case.

``I just hope that everything works out for everybody involved and nobody gets hurt,'' McCoy said.

Academy spokesman Cmdr. Mike Brady, citing privacy concerns, declined to discuss the cases.

When the academy began admitting women 22 years ago, it instituted the dating and sexual conduct rules.

``If my behavior warranted separation (expulsion), I think Chris' behavior should warrant separation, too,'' Ms. Harris said.

In recent years, the academy has been rocked by a series of problems that included a test-cheating scandal, a car theft ring, and drug and child abuse charges against students.