Florence One Schools face extra costs for R.N. Beck Center repairs

September 21, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – Florence School District One is facing about $65,000 in extra costs for putting a new roof on the R.N. Beck Early Childhood Center.

The problem was explained to the school board Thursday night by Joey Goforth of Goforth and Brown Associates, who presented a request for a change order.

Goforth said the building did not have the bonding needed to anchor the new roof that was going to be put on the building.

To get the building ready for the new roof, the pipes and conduit will have to be relocated, which will cost about $65,000; however, this is just the amount to get the building prepared for the new roof.

If the new roof is placed on the building, there will still be substantial costs to get the inside of the building renovated to serve as office space, Goforth said. For the building to serve as a space for children, there would be additional costs to get the building up to code.

The board has two options: either pay for fixing the roof or demolish the building.

The demolition of the building would cost $45,000.

When the contractor drilled holes in the roof of the building, the holes were left uncovered, allowing the inside of the building to be damaged by rainwater draining into the building, according to Goforth.

Chairman Barry Townsend said he’s seen the interior of the building.

“I’ve been in there; there’s extensive damage in there,” Townsend said.

Board member E.J. McIver said he goes to the building every day, and the building is severely damaged.

“Ladies and gentleman, it is a total wreck,” McIver said. “In this situation, I don’t see any other option.”

The board ultimately made a motion to vote on the change order during the Oct. 4 Board of Trustees meeting.

Goforth said the decision to wait will not stall the rest of the building process at the R.N. Beck Early Childhood Center.

During the board meeting, the school board also voted on the makeup days for days missed during Hurricane Florence. The board voted to revise the district calendar to use three built-in makeup days to make up three of the five days missed during the storm.

Superintendent Richard O’Malley said the district will hold off on asking the board to forgive the last two days, to see if Gov. Henry McMaster acts to forgive the last two days.

O’Malley also said if it seems like the governor won’t forgive the days, then a motion will be made for the board to forgive the days.

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