Room Redo applications rolling in

January 13, 2019

That didn’t take long.

The Ludington Daily News began accepting applications on Thursday for its fifth Room Redo project, when the newspaper partners with Cottage Works to help turn someone’s space into something spectacular. Project ideas have already been submitted, and more applications are expected as the Feb. 1 deadline approaches.

“We’re so excited for our third year of doing the Room Redo,” said Julie VanDyke of Cottage Works, a company that has done some outstanding work in previous Room Redos. “We’ve learned a lot over the years and this is sure to be the best year yet.”

VanDyke, along with her husband, Dann, and their team is nearing its 10th anniversary after opening in April 2009 in Amber Township. Their team includes Sue Pohl, Barbara Erwin and newcomer Carmen Chapman.

“Our team works so well together highlighting our different talents,” VanDyke said. “We’re lucky to have a construction crew on hand to ensure sound structural workmanship.”

Shelley Kovar of the Daily News said there is a lot of excitement from businesses as they see customers get ready to improve their homes. The Cottage Works team has a budget of $2,000, and readers will once again see just how far that amount can be stretched in the makeover.

“It’s to show the tips and tricks as we follow along with the project, and maybe someone will be inspired themselves,” Kovar said.

Kovar encouraged readers to enter their projects, no matter what kind of room they would like to see updated and upgraded.

Any construction work will be overseen by Dann VanDyke and his crew, while Julie VanDyke is a home designer and decorator. Pohl is an experienced interior designer with an expertise in staging and home accessories. Erwin brings a wealth of knowledge for color in a home. Chapman creates new items, decor and clothing out of older materials.

The application for Room Redo is available on the Ludington Daily News website. An application will also be available in print editions of the Daily News beginning Jan. 16.

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