Durham’s Beyú Caffè to stop live music, get back to its roots

November 8, 2018

Beyù Caffè to stop hosting live music

A popular spot in downtown Durham is making a change.

In an effort to get back to his roots, Dorian Bolden, the owner of Beyú Caffè, on Durham’s Main Street, said he will no longer host live music concerts.

Founded in 2009, Beyú Caffè is, in parts, a coffee shop, restaurant, bar and live music venue, but Bolden, a Duke University alum, said it got to be too much.

“We really were a jack of all trades,” he said.

Bolden says personal and financial reasons ultimately prompted the change.

“We had to pick a lane and choose. And for me, I had to go back to why I started this business in the first place,” he said.

Now, the cafe will be focused around Bolden’s passion - coffee and conversation. But his decision evokes sadness for some who have enjoyed coming to the popular concerts.

Beyú Caffè was known to locals as a space that welcomes and attracts a diverse crowd.

“You can tell people are excited not just about the music, but about the atmosphere,” said Jessica Parker.

Despite the change, Parker said the food and coffee is enough reason to keep coming back.

“I will still get my French toast, and I will sit right here, music or no music,” she said.

Beyú Caffè is a finalist for best live music venue in the WRAL Voterss Choice Awards.

Bolden believes the end of live music will open new doors to take on an even bigger role in Durham.

“I believe I see us actually us getting back to our roots to be a community establishment, because we can do more community events,” he said. “The nature of Beyú was always to be a place where people could come and be themselves.”

Beyú Caffè will continue to host concerts throughout the end of the year. The last one is on New Year’s Eve.

Bolden also owns Beyù Blue Coffee, in Duke’s Bryan Center.

As an African-American small business owner, Bolden said he hopes the entrepreneurial spirit of Beyù Blue Coffee will inspire students from all backgrounds.

“Duke is a beautiful and multicultural melting pot of people from all walks of life, and we want to welcome everyone,” said Bolden.

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