LIMA, Peru (AP) _ Bombs that police said were set by leftist guerrillas blew out windows and caused severe interior damage to three buildings Tuesday night. No one was injured in the explosions.

Police blamed the bomb attacks on the Maoist Shining Path guerrillas, which are seeking to overthrow the government of Fernando Belaunde Terry and has vowed to disrupt the ongoing electoral process.

One of the bombs exploded at the National Stadium, where Election Board workers have been tabulating the results of April 14 presidential elections. Also hit were an office of the state-owned water works SEDAPAL and a supermarket, police said.

In a separate development, officials reported that Segundo Narro Silva, chauffeur for National Election Board President Domingo Garcia Rada, died while being treated for serious gunshot wounds he suffered in a terrorist attack.

Doctors at the Italian Clinic where Narro was being treated said he died of cardiac arrest Tuesday night. He was injured when gunmen ambushed Garcia Rada's car April 24, critically wounding the election official in the head. Garcia Rada, however, was reported slowly recuperating.

Interior Minister Oscar Brush Noel blamed the Shining Path for the ambush and charged in testimony April 25 before the House of Representatives that police had failed to provide adequate protection for Garcia Rada and Narro.

The Shining Path, which pledged to disrupt the electoral process in pre- election propaganda, is marking the fifth anniversary of its guerrilla war which has led to the deaths of an estimated 5,000 people.