Importance Of A Free Press

March 25, 2019

Editor: Congratulations to The Citizens’ Voice editorial staff for giving us the facts regarding ACT for America, a “rabidly anti-Muslim group” (March 10). This is a good example of the importance of a free press. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of Americans who are opposed to being “politically correct,” or kind to other individuals. This may be because our president doesn’t believe in being “politically correct.” We should all realize that the large majority of Muslims, like any other ethnic or religious group, are peaceful people. I met a woman, educated and having at least average intelligence, in a store recently. She told me that she doesn’t watch the national news, like what’s on NBC, because it’s slanted against President Trump. Now that’s really scary to learn that some people really believe Trump when he accuses reputable newscasts as being “fake news.” Especially when they do fact-checking and learn that Trump is guilty of more “fake news” than any news outlet; I believe he has told more than 6,000 lies in the past two years. His strategy is to lead people to not believe the facts that will be presented in the Mueller Report, and sadly, it appears he has succeeded with some Americans. Joe Czarnecki DALLAS