TOKYO (AP) _ Japan's Justice Ministry has extradited two members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang to the United States in connection with a drug case in New York State, an official said Saturday.

The ministry handed Charles Zito, 32, and Herbert Kittel, 34, over to U.S. Justice Department officials in Tokyo Friday under a Japan-U.S. extradition treaty signed in 1980, said an official of the ministry's Criminal Affairs Bureau.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the hometowns of the men were unavailable because the U.S. Justice Department provided only their names, ages, fingerprints and photos when it requested Japanese authorities to arrest the pair.

Zito and Kittel were wanted on charges of selling 16 ounces of amphetamines last November, the official said. They were arrested in Tokyo in late July, he said.