Portneuf Valley Audubon meeting set for Thursday, Jan. 17

January 16, 2019

POCATELLO – “The Burrowing Dinosaur” is the topic of the Thursday, Jan. 17 Portneuf Audubon Society meeting that will be held at 7 p.m. in the Idaho Museum of Natural History, located at Idaho State University in the Discovery Room.

The speaker will be Dr. L.J. Krumenacker, paleontologist, and a research ssociate in the Idaho State University Department of Geological Sciences and also at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. His talk will be about a species of burrowing dinosaur, Oryctodromeus cubicularis, which lived in Idaho. He is teaching middle school students in Blackfoot to create 3D modeling of these finds.

This month’s PVAS field trip was held Jan. 12 and was a count of bald eagles below American Falls Dam.

The PVAS has announced results of its two annual Christmas bird counts, one in Pocatello and one centered around American Falls Reservoir.

On Dec. 15, eight participants found 59 species during the Pocatello count. Some of the highlights were one chukar, six gray partridge, one ruffed grouse, 152 wild turkeys, one western screech owl, one saw‑whet owl, one northern shrike, 458 American robins, 93 cedar waxwings, 10 common redpolls, and 42 lesser goldfinches.

On Dec. 22, the American Falls Reservoir count was held, and nine participants found 65 species. Some of the exciting finds were one snow goose, one cackling goose, 1,235 trumpeter swans, 56 bald eagles, two Virginia rails, one saw-whet owl, 583 black-billed magpies, three hermit thrushes (McTucker Springs), one sage thrasher (Jimmy Drinks Springs), 91 cedar waxwings, five yellow-rumped warblers, six spotted towhees, 12 American tree sparrows, one swamp sparrow, 30 great-tailed grackles, and nine brown-headed cowbirds. Also seen on the American Falls Reservoir count were 70 pronghorns, a mule deer, five coyotes and a porcupine.

For more information on the field trip or meeting, contact Barb North, PVAS President, at barb.north10@gmail.com, or visit pvaudubon.org.

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