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Bicycling advocates pushing bills to make streets safer

March 15, 2015

BOSTON (AP) — Bicycling advocates are hoping to persuade Beacon Hill lawmakers to pass two bills they say would make Massachusetts a more welcoming state for cyclists.

The first would make it illegal for motorists to block established bike lanes. Advocates said that every bicyclist has experienced frustration with bike lanes being blocked by delivery trucks or used as double-parking spaces.

The second bill would define bicyclists, pedestrians, road workers, tow truck operators, police officers, and emergency personnel as “vulnerable road users” and define what a safe-passing distance is.

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition — which is pushing both bills — say they’ve already won the backing of 42 lawmakers as sponsors or co-sponsors for each piece of legislation.

Advocates say that for too long bicyclists have been simply tolerated instead of welcomed and protected in Massachusetts.

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