Slithery Stash: Police find 17 rattlesnakes at man’s home

August 28, 2018

ELKINS, W.Va. (AP) — Police say 17 rattlesnakes unlawfully captured from a national forest have been found at a man’s home in West Virginia.

State police tell news outlets in statement posted Monday on Facebook that two officers received a tip about a man catching snakes in the forest and taking them to his residence. The officers met the man at his home and discovered the serpents.

Police say the snakes were taken back to dens near where they were caught. They did not provide the man’s name but say he is charged with two counts of illegal possession of a timber rattlesnake and possession of a rattlesnake less than 42 inches.

West Virginia’s limit on possessing rattlesnakes is one and it must be at least 42 inches (107 centimeters) long.

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