Chris Hemsworth gives hitchhiker a lift ... in his helicopter

November 9, 2018

If you are hitchhiking these days, you’re lucky enough to get a ride.

But imagine Chris Hemsworth picking you up.

The Aussie actor did just that -- literally -- by giving a thumb-wielding traveler a ride in his private helicopter.

The Huffington Post reports musician Scott Hildebrand told an Australian radio station that he had just landed at the Brisbane Airport from Mexico. Trying to get to Byron Bay, he figured why not give hitchhiking a go.

It was only about 15 minutes later when Hemsworth and his friend Luke Zocchi spotted him. The pair decided to offer him a ride.

Hildebrand, a Chicago native, told the radio station that he was “kind of unsure about the whole situation.”

See, he didn’t recognize the “Avengers” actor and couldn’t figure out why the two were filming the whole incident.

Hildebrand says when the van they were traveling in pulled into the helipad, he started to figure things out.

“They said, ‘we’re gonna make a quick stop and switch vehicles,’ and at that point I was like, ‘oh, I can help pitch for gas’ ... and they’re like ‘you’re not gonna want to do that, it’s gonna be like four grand for that,’” he said. “That was when I was like, ‘who are you guys?’”

Hemsworth posted video of the encounter on Instagram, writing, “Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn’t a serial killer which we were stoked about and just happened to be a ... musician Scott Hildebrand.”

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