Shade approves teacher contract

February 5, 2019

The Shade-Central City school board has inked a four-year deal with its teachers union.

During a meeting Monday night, the board unanimously approved a contract that will go into effect July 1.

Negotiations and personnel chairman Steve Sesack said the teachers union approved the plan Thursday.

District business manager Stacey Papinchak said the deal is an addendum to the current contract and includes pay increases, but also decreases to health savings account contributions.

Papinchak said the contract keeps the district’s 18-step salary schedule, but adds a half-percent increase in the first and third years. The current contract is due to expire June 30.

Papinchak said that with the increases, the district will pay an additional $83,000 the first year, $72,000 the second, $68,000 the third and $52,000 the final year.

With the health care contributions, she said, for family plans the district will contribute $1,800 in the first year. That will decrease by $100 in both the second and third years, and by $200 in the fourth year. For single plans, the first year contribution is $900. The contribution will be lowered by $50 in both the second and third years, and by $100 in the fourth year.

She said that those decreases will save the district $30,000 over the four years of the contract.

“It wasn’t too bad,” she said when asked about the negotiations, which started in November. “We got the concessions on the health savings account.”

Board President Robert Mulcahy said he was “very satisfied” with the contract.

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