Author Hopes To Release New Book About Bear Creek Inn

September 30, 2018

Author Hopes To Release New Book About Bear Creek Inn

Author and U.S. Navy veteran Ben Miller never knew while browsing for a destination for his wife’s birthday vacation that it would change his life forever, but his experiences at a Bear Creek bed and breakfast did just that.

Miller, who is rated 100-percent disabled by the Department of Veteran Affairs after spending time with the U.S. Navy working as a part of America’s NATO contingent during the Bosnian war, spends a majority of his time by himself in his room due to his physical and mental conditions.

But upon stepping foot into the Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Miller says he felt a sense of calm and relaxation he hadn’t felt since before enlisting.

“We walked through those doors and I found a peace I haven’t found in about 25 years,” the Nazareth resident said. “I never wanted to leave.”

The experiences Miller had at the Bischwind are all detailed in his new book, “Dear Billie — Salvation in the Poconos.” Miller’s previous book, “The First Resort: Fun, Sun, Fire and War in Cape May,” sold its initial print run in less than six months.

“‘Dear Billie’ is about my life,” said Miller. “My story is one I’ve been trying to tell for 10 years now. You don’t often hear about men who deal with anxiety, let alone a veteran.”

Miller describes his experiences as a “heavenly psychotherapy” and an overall strengthening of his faith in God. However, due to the faith-based content of his new book, Miller has struggled to find a publisher willing to work with him.

“Mainstream publishers want me to take out God, and Christian publishers want me to add more God in,” Miller said.

A Kickstarter has been created to fund the printing of “Dear Billie,” and will let Miller publish his book with the original content. Miller hopes that the book might help to inspire those who suffer with similar conditions.

“My message isn’t the one that you see in many books that seek to make money off the pain of others,” Miller said. “I wanna let people know that you can live with your conditions and still be productive.”

The Kickstarter for Dear Billie can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dearbillie/book-dear-billie-salvation-in-the-poconos. The Kickstarter requires $5,000 to meet its goal and ends on Oct. 11.

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