East Lyme Board of Selectmen approve parking ordinance

August 2, 2018

East Lyme — The Board of Selectmen on Wednesday approved a parking ordinance that will enable the town’s police force, which became independent last year, to write tickets for parking violations, such as parking on the street too close to a driveway or ramp for a sidewalk, or parking in a crosswalk.

East Lyme Police Chief Michael Finkelstein thanked the board for moving the ordinance forward, after the discussion began within the Police Commission. He said the ordinance will give officers another tool and an option other than the state ticket system.

“We do get a lot of parking complaints,” he said. “We generally try to resolve them with the operator or with the owner of the car to get the car moved and we try to do that short of tickets. However, when it is necessary, we’d like to have this other option in place.”

Under the new parking ordinance, police officers will be able to issue 5 fines for illegal parking. Finkelstein has said the existing ordinance was out of date, not enforceable and did not detail an appeals process.

During the public hearing, Robert Vancour, a resident who was a police officer with the town of Glastonbury for more than 24 years and retired as a lieutenant, said in his experience it’s easier and more effective to handle violations to handicap parking rules — perhaps attaching a 150 for illegally parking in a handicapped space the first time, and $250 for subsequent violations.

The new ordinance will go into effect 10 days after publication of the notice of the Board of Selectmen’s approval.


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