The perks of Catholic school

September 18, 2018

Going to a Catholic school has a lot of perks.

At Guardian Angels Central Catholic, I am able to attend mass every Wednesday, be included in multiple youth groups, go to penance, pray before every class, and so much more. I consider myself very lucky at my school because I am able to practice my faith whenever I want.

Attending mass every Wednesday morning at GACC is the best way for the kids at school to start their days. We get time to sit and pray. After mass, we are all ready to attack the day with God by our side. Our classes are also shorter!

Every year around Christmas and Easter, we are also given the opportunity to go to penance. I find it very relaxing, because we are also able to sit in adoration at that time.

At my school, there are many different groups in which I can participate. I am able to be in the high school choir. The students who are in the choir find it very enjoyable. The church loves to listen to our music just as much as we love performing it.

This year at school, I was also selected to be a Salt (Student Advisor Leadership Team) leader for the House of Saint Rocco. We are able to do service projects and compete in daily activities. The Salt leaders from every house went on a retreat together right before the first day of school. We learned about how to help show God to all of the younger kids and be the best leaders for them.

This year, our school is starting an enkindle program, which allows the grade school kids to have discuss the Bible.

Something that we added this year was a prayer after lunch. Father Steve leads us all in a moment of silence and a prayer so that we can face the rest of our day. Of course, we also pray before every class.

I find myself very lucky to be able to express my faith throughout all of high school. We have great teachers and great opportunities, and I am a proud student of my school.

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