Precinct 3 Fort Bend Constable’s Office receives STEP grant

November 20, 2018

In keeping with their goal of maintaining safety on roads and highways this Thanksgiving holiday season, the Precinct 3 Fort Bend County Constable’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Transportation are working together to decrease automobile accidents, fatalities and injuries.

The increased presence of traffic enforcement units on streets and highways is made possible by the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grants that are provided by TxDOT to law enforcement agencies to enforce traffic laws and decrease traffic fatalities and crashes.

The Precinct 3 Fort Bend County Constable’s Office has received a STEP grant which allows its deputies to focus additional efforts on speeding, seat belt usage, and other traffic violations which contribute to unsafe conditions on the roadways. This enforcement is intended to reduce fatalities, accidents and injuries within Fort Bend County. Additional constable patrols will be conducted now through Nov. 27.

“It is a proven fact, as well as common sense, that using seatbelts and obeying traffic laws save lives and prevent injuries,” said Constable Wayne Thompson. “The STEP grant allows our deputies to focus added time and attention on enforcing these basic traffic laws and keeping the citizens of Fort Bend County safe.”

The STEP grant for the 2019 fiscal year is approximately $12,000, said Chief Deputy Robert L. Van Pelt. “Prior to Constable Thompson taking office, this agency had not ever participated in the STEP program,” said Van Pelt. Since TxDOT considers the constable department a first-year participating agency, the grant is the maximum amount the department could receive, he said.

“We believe that our participation in the STEP program will definitely have a positive impact and effect in making our roads and highways safer and next year we will request an increase of grant funds to continue participating in this very important traffic safety program/initiative,” said Van Pelt. “We will be utilizing our grant funds incrementally in order to cover STEP traffic enforcement initiatives for all the upcoming holiday periods including Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.”

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