Teen uses screwdriver to threaten children in park; man claims neighbor pointed handgun during argument: Berea police blotter

September 20, 2018

Teen uses screwdriver to threaten children in park; man claims neighbor pointed handgun during argument: Berea police blotter

Aggravated menacing, Riveredge Parkway: Police were called to Dora Lee Payne Park, 205 Riveredge, at about 6:15 p.m. Sept. 17 regarding a 16-year-old Berea boy threatening younger children with a screwdriver.

Witnesses said the boy shouted profanities at several children who were attending soccer practice. He told the them the playground belonged to him. The boy threatened to cut the children with knives, but he was only carrying two screwdrivers. He “rattled” the screwdrivers along playground equipment “in a menacing way,” according to one witness and police.

By the time police arrived, the boy had locked himself into a portable restroom in the park. He yelled to police, “I’m not coming out.” When police tried to force open the metal door, the handle broke.

As police talked to the boy, he slid the screwdrivers under the door to them. One officer knew the boy and called his mother, who drove to the park. She said her son was bipolar but that he was taking medication for the condition.

Eventually, the boy exited the restroom. He said one of the children in the park had said something mean to him, using a profanity. The comment angered the boy, so he threatened the children with screwdrivers. Police reported the incident to the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services.

Neighbor dispute, Pearl Street: A Pearl man, 36, called police at about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 and said a neighbor in his apartment complex pointed a handgun at him during an argument.

Police drew their firearms upon arriving. They ordered the neighbor, 29, out of one of the apartments. He complied. Police searched him and found no weapon.

According to police, the man who reported the incident changed his story about the handgun at least three times. A witness said he heard and saw shouting and yelling but did not see the neighbor brandishing a handgun.

Police ordered the man and his wife, along with the neighbor and a woman associated with him, to leave each other alone and stop communicating with each other.

Operating a vehicle under the influence, East Bagley Road: A Brook Park man, 39, was arrested at about 12:30 a.m. Sept. 16 after police caught him driving drunk on West Bagley near Front Street.

Police saw the man’s Chevrolet Impala drift left of center. The car stopped at a red light on East Bagley at Seminary Street. The man honked his horn several times and yelled at Baldwin Wallace University students walking legally across East Bagley in a crosswalk. Police stopped the man’s car after the traffic light turned green.

Police smelled alcohol in the man’s car, and he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. He admitted drinking, saying that he was driving home after an argument with his wife earlier that day. The man failed field sobriety tests.

Operating a vehicle under the influence, Front Street: A Parma woman, 30, was arrested at about midnight Sept. 17 after police saw her Honda CR-V weaving southbound on Front near Lincoln Avenue.

Police smelled alcohol in the woman’s SUV. She cried, saying she was lost and trying to find her way home. At first she said she had consumed just one beer, but later said she had taken her uncle to a bar for drinks. The woman failed field sobriety tests.

Assault, West Bagley Road: A Lakewood man, 27, called police at about 1:10 a.m. Sept. 16 and said his cousin, a 38-year-old Berea man, punched him several times in the face outside Zach’s Steakhouse, 425 West Bagley.

The two men had been arguing in front of the business before the attack. When police arrived, they saw blood on one side of the victim’s face and a small cut near his eye. Also, the victim’s upper lip was split.

The victim vacillated over whether to press charges but ultimately decided against it.

Underage consumption & possession of liquor, Front Street: A LaGrange woman, 20, was arrested at about 12:50 a.m. Sept. 16 after police found a bottle of vodka in her backpack.

The woman was a passenger in a Ford Fusion that was traveling with no headlights on West Bagley Road. Police stopped the car on Front and smelled alcohol and marijuana inside. The driver said she and her three passengers were at a party and that she was taking one passenger – a 19-year-old Copley woman – home because she had been vomiting.

Police asked the driver and three passengers to step out of the car. The Copley woman was intoxicated, and police noticed vomit on her pants. She was given a summons to appear in court for underage drinking.

The vodka bottle in the backpack of the LaGrange woman, who smelled like alcohol, was half full. She admitted drinking the vodka. She was given a summons to appear in court for underage possession of alcohol and possession of an open bottle of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

The driver passed field sobriety tests and faces no charges.

Theft, East Bagley Road: A black, teal and pink Jamis Helix A2 mountain bike was stolen between Sept. 14-17 from a bike rack outside Baldwin Wallace University’s Lou Higgins Center, 136 East Bagley. The bike was not locked. It had a “Hometown Bicycles” sticker on it.

Theft, East Bagley Road: A Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone was stolen between 1:30-2:30 p.m. Sept. 7 from a boys’ locker-room locker in Berea-Midpark High School, 165 East Bagley.

The victim said he had locked the locker. When he returned, the lock was open and backwards.

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