Sad Panthers Fan is happy to be wrong

September 25, 2018

Guys, I am FLYING HIGH after this week’s win over Cincinnati. Watching this team was just a breath of fresh air on so many levels. It will take me thinking about how mad I’m going to be when we lose to the Giants after a bye week to come down off of this high.

So let’s get to the recap!

Okay. As most of you know, I was not happy with the Norv Turner as OC hire. I was happy to get rid of Mike Shula, of course, but I thought Turner was only a slight upgrade.

Boy, was I wrong.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether this is a reflection of how good Turner is or how bad Shula was. I think it’s kind of a mix, if we’re being honest. For so long, we were told by outsiders that Cam Newton was the real problem with that offense. It’s early yet, of course, but Newton’s completion percentage is way up and the offense is being to move the football.

And this play was just SET UP throughout the game so beautifully by Norv:

I have been mostly pleased, honestly. With the exception of the first half against Atlanta, the offense has looked ... good. It’s early, but I feel myself falling in love with this offense, and I don’t want to be hurt again but can it be real? What if it’s real? I don’t want to hope.

Those two things might be connected somehow. No?

Remember when Matt Kalil went out and everyone was like oh no, the Panthers lost their starting left tackle and they had to sign some dude off the street to replace him?

I remember.

Remember when they were like oh no, the line won’t last against Tampa and it’ll be terrible and it’s going to keep getting worse?

I remember.

I’m not a general manager or anything, and I know there’s a lot of money tied up in Matt Kalil.

But to have a left tackle that’s not actual garbage is really too refreshing of a change to forget and I’d like it if the Panthers could do more of that.

I have to have something to be upset about, and it’s got to be this. While the offense is much improved, it’s going to have to win a lot of shootouts, and better doesn’t mean the Warner-era Rams.

I know the defense had some question marks - in the secondary especially - but I thought it would be better. The pass rush has been bad. They let a backup running back run all over them two weeks ago. The only offense they’ve shut down consistently is Dallas, and Dallas is ... well, VERY bad.

Will the Panthers face other bad offenses? Yes. Will they have other good ones? Um, also yes.

It started to feel like if the Panthers didn’t get a turnover, they weren’t going to get off the field. That’s not good. Cincinnati does have a good offense, but they were without A.J. Green for much of the game and their starting tailback. Andy Dalton’s stat line isn’t fair to how good he was for much of the game.

It almost is like the Panthers have a real need at safety and a dude named Eric Reid with some experience is out there, but seemingly, the Panthers - along with plenty of other teams, but still - won’t sign him.

And that was BEFORE Colin Jones went out there and ... well, was Colin Jones.

Efe Obada makes you feel good about liking football. If you don’t know about the defensive end and his story, read it. But to see him get a sack and a pick (and nearly a sack-forced fumble that was overturned on review) makes you feel all kinds of good inside.

It’s nice to be able to root for this team and not have to hate what they stand for in moments like this. Football can be bad, guys can do bad things and it’s tolerated, but seeing a guy like Obada succeed and the smile on his face in the locker room afterwards makes me feel much better than “Mr. Richardson on 3.” Thank you, Efe.

So much is going on here in Newton’s look.

I’m not sure what this is supposed to be. He looks like both halves of Spy vs. Spy are wrapped around each other or something. But evidently, a media member asked him. Here was his response:

I’m not sure I get “Wakanda” out of this, but hey! We all got different things out of the Black Panther movie, I guess.

How weird must Christian McCaffery feel to be part of this?

I still don’t really understand what this means. I’m also 100 years old.

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