Lisa Hinman: Obama and family separations

August 30, 2018


Recent statements by a letter writer accusing Obama for separating illegal children from their parents is not true. Previous administrations used family detention facilities, allowing the whole family to stay together while awaiting their deportation case in immigration court, or alternatives to detention, which required families to be tracked but released from custody to await their court date.

Some children may have been separated from the adults they entered with, in cases where the family relationship could not be established, child trafficking was suspected, or there were not sufficient family detention facilities available. …”

However, the zero-tolerance policy is the first time that a policy resulting in separation is being applied across the board.” In 2014 a big group of children arrived in the US, without parents. When are you going to stop blaming Obama? Trump is in office now, let him take the responsibility.

Lisa Hinman

Lake Havasu City

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