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Kasparov Loses 16th Game, Score Tied at 8-8

November 24, 1987

SEVILLE, Spain (AP) _ Challenger Anatoly Karpov defeated champion Garri Kasparov in the 16th game of the World Chess Championship Tuesday and evened the score of the match at 8-8.

Kasparov found himself in a hopeless postion when the game was adjourned Monday night and resigned Tuesday without resuming play.

Karpov’s comeback to tie the score means the match will be decided in the final eight games. The 17th game is scheduled for Wednesday with Karpov playing white.

Each player has scored three victories with 10 games drawn. The winner of the 24-game series will be the first to score 12 1/2 points or achieve six victories. A victory scores one point and a draw a half point.

The two Soviets have played a marathon series of championship battles over the last three years, with Kasparov winning two of the matches and the third one called off by the International Chess Federation. The Seville match is the last title duel until 1990.

Kasparov has been moving toward victory and enjoyed an 8-7 lead until his setback in game 16.

″Karpov’s play has been more impressive in the last two games, but anything can still happen. It’s impossible to predict,″ said Spanish chess expert, Fernando Urias.

Experts were comparing the current match to Kasparov and Karpov’s third title contest, played last year. At one stage, Kasparov held a three-point lead, but a three straight victories by Karpov tied the score.

Kasparov rallied to win the 22nd game and eventually won the match 12 1/2 -11 1/2 .

″I think Kasparov will win the match,″ said Danish International Master Bjarke Kristensen.

An opposing view came from French International Master Aldo Haik. ″I think Karpov is now a slight favorite. Earlier in the match, Kasparov played too passively with white, but now he is over-pressing,″ Haik said.

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