TC Line: In Search of Some Adults

January 26, 2019

Clean budget bills

We need our legislators to work on a law that prevents any encumbrance of the budget deal with other matters. We need clean budget bills passed in a timely manner that keep the government running without the government being shut down as hostage to political motives. When are we going to elect people that are adult and intelligent to run our country? Oh, yeah, I guess when we have people that are adult and intelligent doing the voting.

Your mighty defender

This is about ”(Not) killing children.” Turn the page over (and read) commentary, Michael Gerson, Washington Post. ... That will tell you all you need to know about your mighty defender.

Against the wall

The closer you are to our Southern border, the more people are against building the wall. And that’s a good deal why many longtime Republican seats have been lost to the Democrats.

Ignorant of lies

I can understand supporting a president that represents your views. But to not recognize the many, many times it has been proven that he has lied is either disingenuous or ignorant.

DQ appreciation

Thanks to the local Dairy Queens for their annual customer appreciation day last Saturday they sold everything half price all day and still had smiles on their faces well into the evening. We look forward to it every year. What a treat. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Getapo tactics

I am so sick of Mueller’s partisan application of the law, the latest manifestation being the Gestapo-type tactics of the FBI in arresting Roger Stone. Really? Twenty-five heavily armed agents to go after a 66-year-old man? That is pathetic. Is this what this country has turned into? I’m afraid the answer is yes.

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