SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) _ A man who was chosen foreman of a federal grand jury has been jailed and fined for missing three monthly sessions, although he insists he called in sick.

Edwin Paul Schaffhauser spent the weekend in jail, his second weekend behind bars as he works off a five-day sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge B. Avant Edenfield. He also was fined $1,000.

''I think I was done wrong in the way Judge Edenfield handled this,'' said Schaffhauser, of Savannah. ''It's not that I was trying to get out of it.''

Edenfield cited Schaffhauser for contempt of court on April 9 after he missed his third straight three-day monthly session as grand jury foreman. He was selected foreman of the grand jury in January and worked two sessions that month.

The judge also kicked him off the grand jury.

Schaffhauser said he was ill with flu and pneumonia during the February and March sessions, and had to take care of his children during the April session while his wife was ill.

But the deputy foreman, Mary Neaverth of Augusta, said she had trouble tracking Schaffhauser down and once reached him at work at the body shop he manages when he was supposed to be in court.

''None of the explanations offered by Mr. Schaffhauser have much credibility with the court,'' the judge said.

And while Schaffhauser said he told the court clerk's office of his problems and was excused, the judge wasn't impressed.

''He simply walked off without any explanation other than he says he called someone in the clerk's office,'' Edenfield said.

''The clerk cannot excuse you,'' he said. ''No one but the judge can excuse you.''

Schaffhauser said he wasn't trying to duck his duty.

''I served my country in Vietnam,'' he said. ''I considered it an honor to serve on a grand jury.''