Providence skyscraper project in jeopardy after mayoral veto

November 30, 2018

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Democratic Mayor Jorge Elorza has vetoed a zoning change that would’ve allowed a proposed 46-story skyscraper in Providence.

The City Council voted last week to approve a variance raising the maximum building height to 600 feet for New York developer Jason Fane’s proposed Hope Point Tower.

Elorza says he vetoed the change Friday because the city wouldn’t have final approval of the tower’s design.

Fane said in a statement the veto is an “extraordinarily punitive action” against the project and the economic development it represents.

The council could override the veto. That would take 10 of the 15 members voting to do so.

A council spokesman says he doesn’t know yet whether they’ll reconsider it.

Legislative leaders want the council to override the veto.

If built, the tower would be the tallest building in the state.

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