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Sometimes Rowdy 49ers Fans Revel in Their Team’s Win

January 21, 1985

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ From Stanford stadium to yuppie bars and blue-collar taverns, an ectastic and sometimes rowdy 49er following watched the hometown team win Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Helmeted police, anticipating a frenzied celebration if the 49ers won, posted barricades on some streets, as fans crowded into bars to watch big screen television monitors. Others stayed home, following the action on their own TVs and wave ″Go 49ers″ signs from their windows.

About 300 people jammed into the Bus Stop Bar, where a handful of Miami Dolphin fans tried to drown out the yells of 49er boosters.

Pete Prekeges, of Spokane, Wash., took it upon himself to lead 49er cheers,

″I’ve been a 49er fan since my father bought me a 49er football helmet,″ he said.

At the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, nearly 500 of the city’s poor and homeless gathered to watch the game and donate what they could to African famine victims.

About $1,000 was collected, said Dusty Williams, director of human services and crises for the church.

About 35 miles away at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, where the 49ers won their 38-16 victory over the Dolphins, Stanford University campus police chief Marvin Herrington reported ″pretty minor problems.″

By halftime, about 30 people had been arrested for such violations as trespassing, trying to cut through the stadium fence, being drunk, trying to scalp tickets and marijuana possession, said Herrington.

Although pre-game concerns focused largely on fake tickets, Herrington said only a few bad tickets surfaced and there was no major problem.

Before the game ended, San Francisco police posted barricades on major streets in the North Beach neighborhood, blocks away from Fisherman’s Wharf, where Super Bowl revelers bounced off the hoods of cars and shed their clothes Saturday night.

Saturday’s rowdiness, which included a youth break dancing atop a limousine, drew 21 officers.

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