Got Moxie? It’s flowing freely at festival in Maine

July 14, 2018

LIBSON, Maine (AP) — Mainers are celebrating all things Moxie this weekend.

The Moxie festival in Lisbon features a parade, road race, food, fireworks — and plenty of Moxie.

The creator of the quirky beverage was a Maine native, Dr. Augustin Thompson, whose brew was originally marketed 132 years ago “Moxie Nerve Foods” in Lowell, Massachusetts.

This is the 36th celebration in Lisbon. The first Moxie Festival was held in 1982 thanks to the efforts of the late Frank Anicetti, who died in 2017. His efforts paved the way to Moxie being declared Maine’s official beverage in 2005.

Anicetti counseled that Moxie is an acquired taste.

He said folks may want to spit it out after the first sip. He said those who stick with it are rewarded “the true flavor of Moxie.”

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