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Anti-Deer Hanging Law Proposed

January 20, 1998

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) _ A councilman is mounting a battle against deer carcasses hanging from the city’s trees.

Councilman Mike Tassin has introduced a proposal to keep people from butchering deer in their yards and hanging the carcasses in their trees. Tassin said he gets about four complaints a year on the subject.

Even a supporter like Claude Bookter, who lives in a subdivision where neighbors have complained, said he hasn’t seen any problems. Nevertheless, he thinks it should be illegal because dead deer stink and attract flies.

``Hunting should stay in the woods,″ Bookter said.

Others said the problem is minor and Tassin should concentrate on other issues.

``I think it would be a real stupid law. I think we have too many laws,″ said Alan Rogers, a hunter. ``We have so many problems in this community. I don’t think we need to concentrate on whether deer are hanging in front yards.″

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