Debate sends wrong message to kids -- Angie Rieger

December 23, 2018

As a parent of an Edgewood student athlete, the debate over the Goodman Field is incredibly painful because the true victims in this debate are the students.

“Why?” you might ask. They still get to play their respective sports, they just have to do it somewhere else.

In the end, all the kids are asking to do is participate in athletics and have a “home” to do it. This debate is largely telling them, “You are not welcome here.”

We live in a world where so many issues are truly heartbreaking and reaching a crisis level. Many could ultimately be solved by building and creating communities of parents and adults who want to protect kids, and students who want to make good decisions.

This debate essentially says to these kids, “We support you being a community of student athletes as long as it is somewhere else.” That’s a tough message to explain as a parent when we are trying to teach our children to be accepting and tolerant.

It’s a tough message to explain as we try to teach our children to make decisions that are informed, balanced and based on facts.

Angie Rieger, Madison

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