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Soviet Leader Sends Letter to Student Supporting Peace Call

June 9, 1986

BANBURY, England (AP) _ An 18-year-old student has received a letter from Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev supporting her call for world peace.

Sarah Pape, who is studying for university entrance examinations at the Blessed George Napier School in Banbury north of Oxford, wrote to the Soviet leader about her worries over East-West tension. She said peace was not possible without trust - and trust was not possible without knowledge.

Conservative lawmaker Anthony Baldry sponsored a contest in his district, asking students what they would say in a two-minute face-to-face interview with Gorbachev. Baldry, who spent 10 days in the Soviet Union last month as part of a parliamentary delegation, delivered Miss Pape’s winning entry to the Kremlin. Miss Pape, who received a reply from Gorbachev via the Soviet ambassador in London, said Monday, ″I didn’t expect a reply from him and I am very pleased.″

In his letter, Gorbachev said there were ″great opportunities″ for expanding ″fruitful political dialogue with Britain.″