Roseburg boys, Sutherlin girls perform strong at Southern Oregon High School Tournament

January 15, 2019

High school bowlers from all over Southern Oregon, and their fans, filled Ten Down Bowling & Entertainment on Sunday.

A mere two lanes remained open for customers, while 23 bowling teams — each with at least five players — took over the rest of the area for the fifth Southern Oregon High School Bowling Tournament of the season.

Roseburg’s boys team was fourth after the Baker’s format, where each bowler rolls two frames in a regular game. Sunday’s tournament was all Baker’s to prepare for the regional tournament, which follows the same format.

After 24 games, RHS bowled a 3,748 or an average of just over 156 per game.

While being interviewed, Roseburg coach Suzy Cates would continue to cheer with the team. When a bowler didn’t roll a strike she would chant, “P-I-C-K-I-T-U-P” and the boys would reply, “Pick it up” for encouragement.

Cheering, high-fives and spirit fingers are as common in bowling as they are in most other sports.

Although many of the cheers were bowling specific, such as “Hey, hey, what’s that sound? All the pins are going down!”, which is a Roseburg girls favorite after strikes.

Crater won the boys’ tournament, followed by North Medford and Grants Pass.

Sutherlin had been in the top four a number of times this season, but was without one of its top bowlers and finished sixth with a 3,521.

“They’re doing good,” Sutherlin coach Amanda Friesen said. “I’m pretty sure they’re going to make state.”

Sutherlin’s bowling roster includes three football players — Anthony Friesen, Auston Owens and Scott Shepard — who made it to the first round of the 3A state playoffs this year.

“They’re doing well,” coach Friesen said. “Football training is muscle training and that helps them control their bodies and that helps with bowling.”

South Umpqua finished ninth and Douglas, which borrowed two bowlers from Roseburg, was 12th.

“This is a building year for us,” S.U. coach Wade Rhodes said. The team has just one senior and three new bowlers this season, although they’re expecting a larger turnout next year.

Sutherlin’s girls were third with a 3,150, behind Grants Pass (3,329) and Crater (3,257). The Bulldogs had a roll-off with fourth-place finisher Hidden Valley.

“I’ve been really proud of them,” coach Friesen said. “I think we’re good enough to take both teams to the state tournament, which is big for this only being our second year ever.”

Roseburg’s girls finished sixth and Douglas, with one Roseburg girl, was 10th.

In regular season games, teams can borrow bowlers from other teams to fill out the rosters, which Douglas has done all season. The Trojans were unable to get five boys and five girls at each tournament.

“My goal next season is to have a full team for each tournament,” Douglas coach Don Meduna II said. Two years ago the Douglas bowling teams made it to the state tournament.

Borrowing players will not be allowed at the regional tournament.

Sutherlin, South Umpqua and Roseburg will all compete in the regional tournament on Jan. 26 or 27 at Caveman Bowl in Grants Pass for a chance to move on to the state tournament on Feb. 22-24 at Firebird Lanes in Salem.

Sunday’s Results


1. Crater 4,566; 2. North Medford 3,897; 3. Grants Pass 3,775; 4. Roseburg 3,748; 5. Cascade Christian 3,541; 6. Sutherlin 3,521; 7. North Valley 3,414; 8. Brookings 3,377; 9. South Umpqua 3,109; 10. Hidden Valley 2,936; 11. St. Mary’s 2,919; 12. Douglas 2,888; 13. South Medford 2,498.


1. Grants Pass 3,329; 2. Crater 3,257; 3. Sutherlin 3,150; 4. Hidden Valley 3,053; 5. Cascade Christian 2,962; 6. Roseburg 2,951; 7. South Medford 2,864; 8. St. Mary’s 2,664; 9. North Medford 2,641; 10. Douglas 1,972.

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