Places to Go Town Green Park brings local community together

August 24, 2018

An oasis in the midst of a bustling area, Town Green Park offers residents of The Woodlands a place to spend time with family, relax with nature and come together as a community. Sharing a treeline border with the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on the east and the South Regional Library to the west, the park sits in the heart of The Woodlands Town Center.

Chris Nunes, director of Parks and Recreation at The Woodlands Township, noted that Town Green Park was specifically designed as a venue for festivals, walks and other community events.

“The Woodlands Development Company worked to create a festival site. Having this location in the middle of Town Center is a really great site because it leverages all the amenities in Town Center,” Nunes said.

The park has been the starting point for several races such as The Woodlands Marathon and activist walks such as the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk. The site is also host numerous festivals and events each year, including The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, one of the largest festivals of its kind in the United States.

Nunes added that with new development and growth in the area, more activities and special rentals are being scheduled at Town Green. The park boasted a lineup of 45 events throughout 2018. Some upcoming events include the inaugural Woodlands Pride Festival in September, The Woodlands BBQ Festival in October and the 36th Annual Lighting of the Doves community tradition in November.

“During peak seasons, which is the spring and fall, nearly every weekend is filled with special events,” Nunes said.

Town Green Park is also home to several public artworks including bronze statues and three art benches.

“The art benches are a cooperative program between The Woodlands Arts Council as well as the township. Art is something that if you really go throughout the community you will notice a fabulous collection of public art,” Nunes said. “There are a number of monuments in that park, too, (including) one to George Mitchell, our founder, to recognize his fingerprints all over the community.”

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