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A Look at Past French Referendums

May 29, 2005

A look at the 10 referendums held since the start of France’s Fifth Republic in 1958:

_Sept. 28, 1958: The constitution of the Fifth Republic proposed by Gen. Charles de Gaulle is adopted.

_Jan. 8, 1961: Self-determination for Algeria, a North African colony considered part of France, is approved after six years of independence war.

_April 8, 1962: French approve the Evian Accords on independence for Algeria.

_Oct. 28, 1962: French modify constitution to elect president by universal suffrage.

_April 27, 1969: De Gaulle proposes a reform to renovate Senate and create regions. He also seeks support after student uprisings of May 1968 and says he will leave office if the ``no″ wins, which it does by a thin margin. De Gaulle resigns the next day.

_April 23, 1972: First European referendum. President Georges Pompidou asks French to approve entry of Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway into European Economic Community. Voters approve.

_Nov. 6, 1988: President Francois Mitterrand asks French to approve large autonomy for South Pacific territory of New Caledonia. Voters approve.

_Sept. 20, 1992: French narrowly ratify Maastricht Treat on European unification.

_Sept. 24, 2000: President Jacques Chirac asks French to approve reducing presidential mandate from seven to five years. Voters approve.

_May 29, 2005: Chirac asks whether France should ratify European Union constitution.

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