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Report: Durst ‘Overwhelmed’ by Acquittal

November 13, 2003

NEW YORK (AP) _ Real estate heir Robert Durst said he ``felt great″ after a jury acquitted him of charges that he murdered a Texas neighbor but that he was upset by televised remarks by a prosecutor.

``I was overwhelmed,″ Durst told The New York Post by telephone from jail. ``When I heard the word ‘Not’ I couldn’t breathe. People wonder how I kept my sanity throughout the trial. I don’t know if I am sane after all this.″

Durst was interviewed by Post columnist Cindy Adams in four 10-minute phone calls, the newspaper said in a story published in Thursday editions.

The eccentric millionaire testified during trial that he mutilated and dumped Morris Black’s body in a panic after accidentally shooting the neighbor in a struggle over a gun. Jurors found him innocent Tuesday after deliberating for five days.

Durst called the trial ``fair and square.″ He said he was upset when he saw District Attorney Kurt Sistrunk say on television after the verdict that ``Robert Durst is not welcome in my home.″

``When I heard the verdict, I felt great,″ Durst told the Post that day. ``When I got back to my cell, I felt great, great, great. But the truth is, I was feeling greater earlier today when the verdict was reached than I feel now. And that’s because I saw the DA say this on the air.″

Durst said he did not know whether prosecutors would pursue charges of bond-jumping, which is punishable with two to 10 years in jail.

``I’m hoping we can make a deal like community service or an ankle bracelet or something like that,″ he said. ``You don’t usually serve for bond-jumping if you’re acquitted of a crime you didn’t commit.″

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