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Mother And Daughter She Gave Up Discover They’re Co-Workers

July 22, 1996

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (AP) _ A teen-ager hired to wash dishes at a steakhouse got more than a paycheck this summer: She was reunited with the birth mother who gave her up for adoption 15 years ago.

Gina Crimi, an assistant chef at Great Lakes Steakhouse, couldn’t help but notice that new coworker Traci Trobl bore a striking resemblance to Crimi’s brother.

Crimi asked Traci her birthday; it matched the date Crimi gave birth back when she was in high school. Crimi then called her mother and asked the name of the family who adopted the baby. It was Trobl.

When Marge Trobl came to pick up Traci, Crimi told her who she was.

``I was floored. It’s a good thing I was sitting down when she told me,″ Mrs. Trobl said.

Mrs. Trobl and her husband, Tom, had told Traci years ago that she was adopted. They told her about Crimi on July 3.

When the two met two days later, Crimi cried, Traci was reserved. ``I didn’t know how to act,″ Traci said.

Crimi, who lives three miles from the Trobls, said she gave up her baby when she was an irresponsible high school student.

``I always hoped and expected the girl would knock on my door someday. I was hoping when she was of age, she would be the one to pursue it. I was not expecting that for a few more years,″ she told The Plain Dealer in a story published Sunday.

``I wasn’t going to do it,″ she said. ``I didn’t want to interfere with her life.″

The adoptive parents are happy for Traci and both families have meshed well.

``It was like a piece of her life was filled in,″ Mrs. Trobl said.

Traci met her 10-year-old half brother, Stephen, and took him to an amusement park with the Trobls. She also visited her maternal grandparents.

After watching Traci with the Trobls, Crimi said she was certain she did the right thing. ``They are wonderful,″ she said.

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